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Two desperate filmmakers hypnotize an entire village to make their reality TV series a comedy hit.

If the truth gets out, they lose everything. Including love.

Recommended by Raindance, Stage 32 and Write Movies

Pre-Production Feature Film Rom-Com screenplay: Village of the Scammed

Seeking co-production and executive producers.

Written by Andrew Hindle and Andy Conway.
Village of the Scammed is a modern-day Ealing comedy set in the cut-throat world of reality TV.

Brothers Morton and Neville are two desperate filmmakers. When their proposed series on a typical English village is rejected by ruthless TV execs who stole the credit for their first BAFTA-winning show, Morton and Neville take extreme measures to get their TV careers back on track – 

They hire ruthless svengali hypnotist Damien Darke to turn every villager into a comedic opposite of their true selves, hoping this will save their show and save the village from developers.

The show becomes a monster hit. But as Molly, who Morton has fallen for becomes the nation’s new darling while driving the save the village campaign, Morton has to weigh up his career vs. love. 

When the truth comes out, a national media scandal ensures Morton and Neville lose everything, including the trust and friendship of the villagers they’ve come to love. And for Morton, that means losing Molly. 

Finally, the hapless brothers come clean at the BAFTAs, facing a hostile audience. Morton wins Molly back on the red carpet and their true love is relayed to a live TV audience that is finally seeing something real.

In the end, we see that hypnosis can’t turn people into something they’re not – it can only give them licence to be their true selves. 

One reviewer of  Village of the Scammed stated ‘’it is primed to be the next UK comedy hit feature film and lends itself to an all-star comedy cast’’.


”This is a script with great potential to do well. It has a fantastic premise which promises (and delivers) a plethora of comedy moments and there’s a clear audience for the project as well, meaning that it has strong commercial prospects.”

Stage 32

”This is a script with a hysterically, fantastic premise that will easily get the attention of producers.”


“A script which makes you wish the likes of Peter Sellers, Terry Thomas and Graham Chapman were still with us to star in it”.

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